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Montreal based duo of artists in music and visual arts TANUKI Project, consisting of french-born Legyl and Nady, is distinguished by unique artistic projects in Electronic - Hip Hop - Trip-Hop mixed with impactful visuals since 2008. They write and produce everything yet thrive on collaborations of all kinds.

Their first album , “Playground for Everyone”, was released in collaboration with Aquarius Records / Donald K Donald, with many North America concerts; several songs getting licensed in videos and ads. For their second album, they decided to go independent and release “Far From The City Lights” with a Tokyo tour. The canadian launch was a performance at Montreal Contemporary Arts Museum.
The band also composed soundtracks for the successful 3D animations short movies “I, Pet Goat” and “URBANCE” animated series.

Many projects followed: - "Tanuki Soundsystem" with Mic Dainjah:  caribbean electro culture clash mixing female vocals with male hip-hop, hypnotic analog synths lines + powerful beats. The EP did great at College radios rotations (#1 for several weeks in the Urban charts at Montreal’ CIBL).
- “TRACE”, written with novels writer André Marois, a crazy concept mixing videos, songs + a short film.
- DJ project "Crazy Rozy", energizing dirty house A/V live act they took on tour to Japan (11 dates in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe).
- Latest 2019 release “Haters Lovers”, a hip-hop multimedia piece featuring John Orpheus, Aron the Alien, MurpH, Ultra K, MuGz and visual artist Feerik. First EP “#blackflag” is out on digital stores.
- Latest project ADAMANT: a series of cinematic Trip-Hop EPs. CHAPTER#01 released june 2021. CHAPTER#02 released early 2022 and LASTCHAPTER in february 2024. 3 chapters of a cinematic electro tale.

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